Full Service Security Camera Installation

Nirvoo Networks provide professional video surveillance systems for both home and businesses. We install CCTV security cameras systems and security camera repair services in Silicon Valley. Our professional knowledgeable trained security systems installers and technicians will give you the latest  high-tech equipment designed to meet the needs of your home and commercial security camera installation. We install ALL brands of security camera systems. We can custom build your security system or you may go to Costco, Fry’s, Amazon, etc. and purchase your own. We will install any security camera system.  If the CCTV camera meets TCP/IP standards for remote viewing services, Nirvoo Networks will configure your security camera system on your iPhone, iPad, Android based phone, Android based tablet, PC, or Mac for remote security camera viewing.

Nirvoo Networks has installed security cameras for many homes. We have also installed security cameras for restaurants, retail stores, department stores, hotels, motels, commercial high tech companies, warehouses, and many more. We have upgraded many security camera systems.

Is your security system old? It doesn’t matter, if you have an old outdated system, Nirvoo Networks is able to upgrade your old security camera system to High Definition without running new cables, thus saving you MONEY. Our professionalism and savviness to todays technology is the forefront of our business.

Nirvoo Networks knows that the presence of security cameras is considered as one of the major needs of most business establishments, real estate management companies, banks, mall, restaurants, building owner, business owners, and home owners.

Security Cameras allows all owners to have a great deterrent from theft, vandalism, or lawsuits. It also provides a way to monitor your employees work habits. If there is a accident or fall rest assure your security system will protect you from the people who don’t have your best interest at mind.

You  don’t  need to look  any further  since  Nirvoo Networks is the perfect computer company that will resolve your problems in seeking for the elite security system company.

 We Install Most Security Camera Systems :
Acti,  Alnet, Axis,  Bosch,  CNB,  Defender, Disifort, Digital  Watch  Dog , Everfocus,  Exacq, Geovision,  Hikvision,  Kguard,  Lenel,  Logitech,  Lorex,  Net,  Night   owl, Nuvo,  Nuvico, Optica,  Onssi,  QSee,  Qnar,  Qxxon,   Revo,  Rainvision,  Samsung, Speco, Swann,  Surveon, Uniden, HikVision, Dahau, Unisight And Zmodo

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Security Camera System Features

  • Watch your employees remotely in remote locations for example in your home, coffee shop, or meeting
  • Watch your business/home from your smart cell phone or laptop
  • Control your PTZ cameras from your laptop
  • Receive emails when camera system goes down
  • Off-site backup ready (requires contract)
  • Create full matrix of multiple offices
  • Catch the employees with sticky fingers
  • Watch your home while on vacation
  • Great Neighborhood Deterrent

Camera System Brands We Carry

Camera System Software Works on All Major Platforms

Our Security Camera Solutions

Analog CCTV Security Systems

What is analog CCTV?  Analog CCTV is the most common type of security system being used today.  Usually the end connector is BNC.  You will find these in hotels, gas stations, stores, and homes.  There are new hybrids of the analog CCTV called SD-HDI which can have resolutions as high as 2 Megapixels.  Most analog CCTV systems are about .3 or .5 of one megapixel. Most of these camera systems are grainy when blown up; similar to what you see on TV or YouTube. Whats great about SD-HDI, is if the cable run is less than 350 ft, you are able to upgrade your old security system running D1, CIF, VGA to 720P or 1080P (1 and 2 Mega Pixels.)

IP Cameras CCTV Security Camera

Money spent here is well worth the extra cost!  IP cameras allow higher Megapixels.  In some cases as high as 30 Megapixels.  What does higher Megapixel do?  An up-to-date cell phone, i.e. Android or iPhone has an 8 Mega Pixel camera built in.  When you take a picture with your phone you are able to zoom in on a license plate using the zoom swipe on your phone.  If you took that picture with D1, CIF, VGA or other Analog models, you would not be able to see the license plate.  Megapixels matters.  Just think if you place a 30 Mega Pixel camera in a domed camera outside. You could cover one entire parking lot with just one camera.  No need to place several low-resolution analog cameras to get that perfect 5 feet away picture of the criminal.

Video Security Servers

Video Servers are either a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR).  These systems record the data from your CCTV security system.   Video Servers do matter.  Why?  This is the device which determines how many days you want recorded (1 week, 4 weeks, or two months). It is the device which determines how clear your recorded video footage is.  Lastly, it determines the max amount of cameras you can connect to it.  Contact Nirvoo when you are ready for a customized CCTV security system to protect your family, beautiful private property, or place of Business.  Nirvoo Networks is bonded, insured, and licensed for any job.

Backup Solution

Do you want to increase your video storage?  Some DVRs only allow 1 to 2 weeks of video footage.  Nirvoo can assist in increasing this to 1 to 2 months depending on the current model you have. Do you want to protect your DVR/NVR from possible theft in a criminal invasion?  Nirvoo Networks can configure your DVR/NVR to send video footage to our hosted video server 24/7.  Offsite video storage starts at $99.99 a month.  Some systems may apply and others will not.

Video Command Center

Do you have security in place?  Are paying employees to watch for theft in your store?  If so, then you have a video matrix which lets you control PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom) cameras around the store.  Nirvoo Networks can assist with installing new cameras on your current CCTV network or completely upgrade your CCTV network system to the latest and greatest.  Nirvoo Networks is bonded, insured, and licensed for any job.

Security Camera Installation in the San Jose and Surrounding Areas

NIRVOO NETWORKS is a San Jose-based company providing security cameras and business/home IT support. Our camera installation experts can work in both residential and commercial spaces and can install visible or hidden cameras. We offer a wide selection of cameras, including ones that shoot in HD. Call or email today to get a quote for your camera system installation.

Nirvoo Networks is a video surveillance system company serving San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Atherton, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto.