Nirvoo Networks Beginning

How did Nirvoo get its name?

When first coming up with the company name (Timothy Arnold, Owner) wanted to name his company, “Nirvana Networks.” Nirvana means, “above peace,” and this is exactly how he wanted his clients to feel when Nirvoo arrives at your place of business or home. However, after looking online for the domain name:, another company had already purchased it. So it was off to the drawing board, and after hours of thinking and brainstorming, Nirvoo Networks was born. Nirvoo provides the feeling of being above peace for all your computer repair problems. Whether its a virus on your computer, a dead hard drive in your computer, data recovery, or your Microsoft Server has crashed, you can rely on Nirvoo to repair all your computer problems.

Nirvoo Networks is a luxury mobile computer repair service for both your business and office at affordable rates. We are a team of professionals who are qualified, certified, and licensed to provide computer repair within California. We provide computer IT Services in the Bay Area. We are based out of San Jose, California.

Who we are

  • We pride ourselves on our professionalism, courteousness, dependability, and affordability
  • Nirvoo  offers mobile (onsite) computer services and analog/digital security systems for business and home regardless of size.
  • Our rates are inexpensive – affordable – compare and see!
  • Because of Nirvoo Network’s high standard for their employees, we offer superior computer repair and services.
  • We anticipate computer issues and resolve them before they become a source of crisis. The result for our clients is peace of mind that their computers are in good hands.

Satisfaction Guaranteed